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Welcome to ILNB Consultancy

In this cut-throat competition, it is a big challenge to make a place for yourself and even more tougher to have an identity that is unique to its own. In such a situation, it gets harder to retain the existing customers and expand the opportunities of doing more business with them. Needless to say, retaining customers is a bigger challenge than acquiring new ones.

"Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan "

At ILNB, it is our prime belief that every individual is entitled for the supreme financial planning so that they can enjoy a hassle-free life in the present at the same time secure the bright future. We understand the value of your hard-earned money and give your needs our ONLY priority. In life, making these choices on your investments or insurance or expenses are scary and yet, unavoidable. This is where we come in to take care of your financial decisions so that you can live a life that you always desired.

With our unique ‘3P’ strategy (Plan, Perform and Progress), we ‘Plan’ your financial journey with our customised blueprint across investments, goals, expenses, insurance, loans, estate planning and taxes by doing a comprehensive assessment of your current financial health. We then ‘Perform’ to implement your customised blueprint by buying recommended financial product/services. And, to make your life more certain, we ‘Progress’ your journey with periodic reviews to rebalance your investments making sure that they are aligned with your goals.

Our quintessential purpose is to make financial planning accessible to every household. We aspire to reach out to every individual looking for a competent financial planning solution and our goal is to give you right guidance that will see you through in all times.

Under Guidance of Mr Nishad Banodkar, we strive to deliver the best in the industry. Mr Nishad is MBA Marketing with over 9 years of Experience in Financial Industry with MNCs and private Banks. Nishad is an expert in the market and is SEBI certified Investment Advisor in the Industry. Value Picks and Correct choice of Investment avenues has been his forte. He is well known for proper asset allocation and helping investor to protect downfall in falling markets.

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