Pratik Prabhu, Engineer, Sydney, Australia

It’s been almost a year since I was first introduced to Nishad by my mother. As an NRI and a beginner at investing, I had limited prior knowledge about how stock markets operate in India. Nishad however made it easy for me to understand how it all works. What impressed me about him the most is that he is highly professional, knowledgeable and provides quick response. Nishad provided excellent advice and he encouraged me to invest in Mutual Funds. From the first conversation with him itself, I feel secure and safe by investing as per his advice. A big thanks to Nishad who helps individuals like me (busy in our careers) to invest in the right organisations and reap the benefits from the growing Indian economy.

Manisha Thorat, System Designer, Infosys, Bangalore

I always wanted to invest my money somewhere. However I was skeptical due to my limited understanding of handling money. Also I didn't have the courage to trust a strange adviser to do it on my behalf. After all it was my hard earned money.
Then one of my close friends introduced me to Nishad. And from then onward, there was no looking back. Nishad executes his expertise very passionately. My investments are now disciplined and in safe hands. I deeply thank Nishad for being such a wonderful adviser. 

Swapnil Joshi, Tata Technologies, Mumbai

Due to time constraints, own finance is something, one doesn’t get much time to handle. One ends up with traditional bank investments in such cases.
Nishad is one such person with whom you can have relaxed mind when it comes to handling your investments. I know him since many years and recommend for all of you for handling your or your friend’s portfolios. He is having amazing knowledge of Indian Markets and very well placed to diversify your portfolios as per need.

Atreya Chakraborty, Investment Advisor, Standard Chartered Bank

Nishad is a person with great passion for financial markets. He is quite passionate about educating people about financial products and spreading the right kind of information. Does not shy away from calling a spade a spade and is a man of great personal integrity. He is a lot of fun to work with and very helpful.

Avinash Haryan, Senior Consultant, Cognizant, UK

I have had the privilege to know Nishad as a friend for many years. He is very meticulous and detail oriented in his every enterprise. His true passion for investment analytics and systematic approach towards financial planning is what I believe are the cornerstone for his services as a pragmatic advisor. His elusive experience in Portfolio Management will be quintessential to this organisation and should aid in creating wealth for all the investors. I feel at peace that my hard earned green is in the most capable hands and I would strongly recommend each and everyone to avail his services.

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